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The Hebrews Member Book includes 6 weeks of homework that can be completed between group sessions and leader helps. Homework can be completed at the learner's pace as it is not in a daily format. The Book of Hebrews is a rich, dense section of Scripture that can intimidate the most scholarly biblical student. But Lisa Harper makes digging into Hebrews fun and doable, as only she can, without losing an ounce of depth.

Hebrews was a sermon for a specific people and culture in the midst of martyrdom and persecution, but is also so relevant for us today, reminding us to continue walking toward Jesus regardless of our culture or our circumstances.

Join Lisa as she journeys through this bridge between the Old and New Testaments to get to the heart of the matter: Jesus is our accessible King. He is not a faraway God, but an up-close Redeemer who draws near to us. Hebrews helps women make the connection between God the Father and God the Son and reminds us that Jesus is supreme, but He is also compassionate, empathetic, and loving to no end.


  • Week 1: Angels Rock But Jesus Rules
  • Week 2: Moses Gave Us Rules But Jesus Gives Us Rest
  • Week 3: An Unparalleled Priesthood
  • Week 4: Why All The Drama About a Man Named Mel?
  • Week 5: Point Your Heart Toward Jesus and Go!
  • Week 6: From Absolute Ruin To Glorious Restoration

  • Biblically rooted and gospel-centered
  • Leader material (guides to questions and discussion with small group)
  • Personal study segments in Member Book to complete between group sessions
  • 7 group sessions, 6 weeks of personal study material